Photographing your Bicycle

by Hoopdriver   October 19, 2012  

I am new on this forum although I have been a regular on Bike Radar and Cycle CHat for some time. By profession I am a magazine writer and photographer - Time, National Geographic, Conde Nast, Nature - and to give myself a bit of an outlet for cycling inspired writings and photographs I write a daily cycling blog for the past year called

I know a lot of us like to take photographs of our bicycles. I have a bit of professional expertise when it comes to cameras and so I have put together a piece that I hope might prove helpful

You can read it here:

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My personal favourite is the 'catch and release.'

Works every time.

Sir Velo

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posted by Raleigh [1734 posts]
19th October 2012 - 11:52


Very nice write-up, thanks for the link.

The best photo I have ever seen of a bike was a good friends of mine and he took the photo too, was was an old peugeot.
The bike was propped up by a small stick that you couldn't see on nothing other than a bland field with bushes in the distance. However, the bike image was razor sharp but the foreground and background was blurred slightly. The light caught the bike superbly - it was just a cracking shot and one I'm not too sure if he planned to look as good.

If I can find the photo I will put it up.


Trikeman. Wink

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posted by trikeman [390 posts]
19th October 2012 - 16:11


I'm gonna try and take some cracking shots tomorrow. Maybe my thread can be for pure Bike studies, and another for 'arty' shots.

Sir Velo

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posted by Raleigh [1734 posts]
19th October 2012 - 18:37


Interesting.Inspiring even. Thanks for this.

cheers m'dears

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posted by daviddb [131 posts]
19th October 2012 - 21:22