I've got an old Land Rover hybrid and finally decided I need to get some mudguards (usually the bike hibernates for winter but it'll get no rest as I've actually got off my rather large posterior this year!).  4

It has 700 x 42 wheels & tyres so anyone got any recommendations for best buys? I've been trawling through all the Evans/Wiggle/Amazon/CRC websites but not exactly clear if the ones they list for 700 type wheels will fit mine. Many don't say or only cover up to 35 and the ones listed as fitting 42-45 get slated in the reviews!

Any help would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance!!


Wooliferkins [50 posts] 5 years ago

I presume you've got mudguard eyes on the frame? As long as they are fitted properly the 50mm SKS Chromoplastics are fine and will have plenty of room for your 42mm tyres. A bit of care is needed cutting the stays to length with the new type eyelets but otherwise no problem