Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

by cavasta   October 18, 2012  

Has anyone tried this stuff?


I had a long and interesting chat with a company rep who was manning their stall at the recent Cycle Show at the NEC. What he said sounded both plausible and pretty enticing. I've also read and re-read several times all the blurb on their website. I'm still a little sceptical at such glowing claims and anecdotes - the price doesn't help either.

Has anyone tried it? If so, what did you think about it.

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Yep used it for a few month's never really noticed a differences, it's one of those thing that may be doing things behind the scenes. Not a terrible flavour but if I remeber you need to use 3 tablespoons a day if not more and it did not last long add that to the the cost it did not do it for me. A good balanced diet and rest covers everything IMO.


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posted by teamrocket13 [80 posts]
18th October 2012 - 16:59


teamrocket13 wrote:
A good balanced diet and rest covers everything IMO.

That's what I would suggest too - particularly fresh veggies in a range of colours and oils (e.g. oily fish, nuts & seeds). Treat the 5 a day recommendation as a bare minimum and I wouldn't count fruit juice as one of the 5, nice though it is.

Also, don't pass up the chance to get some sun on your face. Frequent exposure to sunlight will reduce the effect of SAD and should help maintain levels of Vitamin D.

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posted by Simon E [2415 posts]
18th October 2012 - 22:14

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Thanks chaps. There's a lot to be said for a balanced diet.

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posted by cavasta [220 posts]
19th October 2012 - 18:00


I asked my other half, who has read widely on this. She asked whether there something specific for which you think an Omega 3/6/9 supplement like this would help?

Supplementing Omega 3 is the one that you may benefit from. Udo's Choice is high quality stuff but they are omitting to tell you that most people don't need supplementing with Omega 6 and 9 as you are likely to be getting enough of these already.

If you are not vegetarian then regular intake of oily fish would be beneficial. Alternative sources include Flax and Hemp.

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posted by Simon E [2415 posts]
20th October 2012 - 14:53