Forget the cycling - The Alternative Armstrong Legacy

Part of me can deal with the fact that he cheated the Peleton, bullied his team mates who were working towards his victories and lied to the cycling world, but what I can't and never will forgive is the lies he has spouted to his LiveStrong charity.

Having lost someone to cancer, I always hoped that he was clean. In my naive way and after watching someone go through chemo, I really didn't want to believe that someone who had survived all those chemicals being pumped around their system would willing want to put some uncontrolled sh!t in their bodies all for the sake of winning a bike race. How wrong was I?

I would love Lance to read this (but I don't suppose he will) but I'd like him to know how he has not only let the world of cycling down, but has let all the cancer sufferers down who looked to him for inspiration in their battle against the disease and their families and loved ones too.

If he is as clean as he says, where is the fight? He's destroyed other people’s reputations for saying less.

If he is guilty as charged, I hope he is truely ashamed. The WORLD is looking at you with total disgust and people like Lance Armstrong should never be allowed to prosper.

I would never wish him ill health, but I'd be quite happy if he was financially ruined by all this. Let’s hope Nike and Trek sues him for fraud, because that is what he is guilty of.