Head cover Or Not

by Baldy1alex   October 18, 2012  

Mandatory Helmet use or Not What do Ya think
personaly i Hate the things other than if raceing, where it makes sense me thinks !! Thinking

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Just wear one and shut up.

Sir Velo

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posted by Raleigh [1734 posts]
18th October 2012 - 15:29


Try complaining when your a vegetable Surprise


posted by steve hill [5 posts]
18th October 2012 - 15:37


Nope, most of the time I don't, only when cycling in large cities.

I refuse to be told I HAVE to wear one, even if it was made law, no chance, until their is proof they save lives, then I won't be wearing one. The only thing it saves at the moment, is road rash on your scalp.

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posted by Gkam84 [9202 posts]
18th October 2012 - 20:09


If you're just out for a nice cycle, and you're happy to slow down when you see any potential obstacles that might cross your path, like cars waiting to come out of or turn into side-roads, and you're not intending to do anything risky like downhill mountain biking or riding at speed in tight bunches, then it should be perfectly acceptable to go au naturale.

Millions of dutch, from young to quite old, manage to get about on bicycles every day, just wearing normal clothes, without fuss. And they have to mix with traffic at times, even there. Yes, the cars here aren't quite as aware as there - you need to be more aware here, but if you take your lane the roads are mostly ok - at least inside urban areas IME (the 50 to 70mph A-roads can be unpleasant).

I really don't get the scare-mongering there is around cycling in the UK. It's a little bit more dangerous than it should be, compared to NL, but it's still pretty safe compared to other things UKers have no problem with - especially if you take a bit of care and cycle sensibly. Just go and cycle. The statistics say it's generally a positive thing to do, whatever you do or don't wear.

posted by Paul J [746 posts]
19th October 2012 - 9:33


Car occu-pants get head injuries too....ergo, helmets in cars. AND on the noggins of pedestrians. And, now I come to think of it, my dog's head was biffed by a car he chased, one time. And he only did that one time, and he wasn't injured anyway....but clearly, here's a case for compulsory dog-hats!
No, if I'm ORDERED to don a skidlid, I'll simply continue to wear the banana-hat I have already, just for retro-flash. Kick racism out of football, and kick fascism out of cycling!


posted by PhilRuss [319 posts]
20th October 2012 - 2:26


What's the big deal? It's a hat, for God's sake

posted by Hoopdriver [8 posts]
21st October 2012 - 7:36


Raleigh wrote:
Just wear one and shut up.

Here come Adolf's Cycle Core Me Thinks Cool


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posted by Baldy1alex [52 posts]
21st October 2012 - 15:14


Hoopdriver wrote:
What's the big deal? It's a hat, for God's sake

[[[[ Dear Hoopdriver----you're entirely missing the point, old bean. Far more drivers & their passengers get head-injuries than do cyclists. So if THEY were to object to a proposal that all car-occupants and passengers must wear helmets, you'd say, "What's the big deal--it's just a hat!", would you? And let's not forget the pedestrians----helmets for all! What's the big deal?


posted by PhilRuss [319 posts]
21st October 2012 - 15:52


At the moment, it's your choice.

Personally, I don't go out without one.

Friend of mine suffered severe head injuries a few years ago, having jumped on his bike to just pop in to town. He was knocked off by a car coming out of a side-turning. It happened less than half a mile from his home, at low speed and in broad daylight.

He now has serious difficulties and his life is one long challenge. I admire him for what he achieves in these circumatances, but he always says that he wished he had put a helmet on.

Similar comments to those saying that they refuse to be told to wear one were made when car seat-belt legislation was introduced.

Modern helmets are light, give good ventilation and are no great hassle to wear. The pros wear them, so I can't see what the problem is.

You know it makes sense.....

posted by Littlesox [89 posts]
26th October 2012 - 18:37


Up to the individual.

However, I have 2 beautiful daughters and I wear a helmet every time I ride a bike; I wear it for them, Not for me.

Daddy would like to remember their childhood. Head injuries are not just physical and can happen at any speed - I would rather not have a low speed accident but a head injury that threatens my family a la James Cracknell.

A helmet will, obviously, afford some protection, to a point.....

My knee hurts!

posted by aende [37 posts]
19th November 2012 - 15:46


So a helmet is like backing up your hard-drive

I am stronger than Mensa, Miller and Mailer, I spat out Plath and Pinter.

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posted by bikeboy76 [1612 posts]
23rd November 2012 - 18:03


I think they should be made mandatory although I know that isn't a very trendy view. I can't see why you wouldn't choose to wear one when it could help prevent injury or worse so I see no logical argument as to why they are a bad thing to wear.

I know there are quite a few reasons why people think they shouldn't wear one, some mentioned above and there are a few others as well but they seem more like excuses to me rather than actual reasons and I think it seems to stem from the fact that people don't like being told what to do, if they choose to wear one, great, but if 'the man' says you must, they will refuse.

I think PhilRuss is missing the point slightly when he points to other people having head injuries too, that's not what it's about, it's about reducing the number of cyclists' head injuries and that should be the point in my opinion.


posted by sim1515 [140 posts]
23rd November 2012 - 18:32


I never go anywhere on my bike without one, they are light not particularly uncomfortable and could save your life.


posted by stepho [102 posts]
23rd November 2012 - 19:10


Ooh yeah, let's have a helmet debate again. Not seen one of these in a while.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3611 posts]
26th November 2012 - 11:42


notfastenough wrote:
Ooh yeah, let's have a helmet debate again. Not seen one of these in a while.

It's not much of a debate really. Opinions seem polarized. I suppose I fall in the wear-one-if-you-want-to camp. No one is forcing anyone (at the moment) and it doesn't seem on the cards any time soon, although it has been talked about since helmets came on the scene back in the 80s.

I do wear one as I've got used to wearing a helmet and now feel undressed without one. I'm realistic about the protection it would offer if I were to get side-swiped by a car. That helmet might save my life if I land on my head but it'll do nothing if I end up under an oncoming vehicle.

My motorbike riding friends can't understand how I can travel at relatively high speeds wearing thin Lycra and not worry about taking most of my skin off if I fall. Perhaps cycling leathers could be the next thing.

posted by harragan [57 posts]
31st January 2013 - 22:41


harragan wrote:
Perhaps cycling leathers could be the next thing.

I don't think full body protection will be feasible any time soon, but how about something to protect your collarbone?

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posted by Dutchie [63 posts]
6th February 2013 - 22:48


strange that this has never been discussed before... Thinking

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
6th February 2013 - 22:56


Last july 2012,I crashed 1/2mile from the end of a 25 mile tt,it was my first major prang in 56 years of cycling and racing.I had a brain scan whilst still unconcious,to see if I had a stroke,fortunately not,I had a broken left collar bone,and the left hand side of my Giro TT helmet was completely smashed,and had cut into the side of my head.Any cyclist who rides these days without an Excelent helmet,needs a brain scan,to see if he or she has one,WEAR A HELMET!!! Wink

posted by foxyloxy [52 posts]
7th March 2013 - 15:14


exactly. Pro-helmet, but pro-choice. That's all there is to it.

posted by andyp [1311 posts]
7th March 2013 - 15:19


All I can say is,if you dont wear one,then you deserve what happens when you come off.I,ve been off loads of times,but usually managed to get up and carry on,this last time I know if no helmet,I would not be hear now!! Wink

posted by foxyloxy [52 posts]
7th March 2013 - 15:29


You don't know that, you're guessing.

posted by andyp [1311 posts]
7th March 2013 - 15:39


I remember a quote from an MP saying that she had seen the BMX at the Olympics and all the riders wore one, ergo all cyclists should. Well I watch F1 and all the drivers wear a helmet.....

Personally I always wear one for cycling, but never for just riding a bike.

posted by drfabulous0 [404 posts]
7th March 2013 - 15:42


If we truly want to encourage the masses to cycle everywhere. Drastic changes need to happen to the infrastructure in our cities and to the mindset of many motorists. To say 'wear hi viz and a helmet and everthing will be alright' is just planin daft. Those living in other European countries must be really bemused when we pull on our protective garb to cycle the half mile to the shops. Competing/training by all means. Anything else forget it.

When I drive, I adjust my driving to suit the elements and to what traffic is on the road. Maybe I am fortunate that this is whaat my dad hammered home to me when learning. It's a shame that the instructors out there couldn't do the same.

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posted by giff77 [1106 posts]
7th March 2013 - 17:40


It's just a personal choice. Though I don't see any reasonable reason not to wear one. I think wearing a helmet looks better too, what else would you match to your oakleys to otherwise?!

More seriously, it might not save you in a collision with a car (but hey, the very fact that it *might* in some cases help should be persuasive enough) but it sure will save you some nasty road rash on you face if you go down sideways. But yeah it's down to you to decide

posted by MattT53 [141 posts]
7th March 2013 - 17:58


All i know is what i was told by MR.S.K.Barri at KMH Hospital,and team members who said that I had come off doing over 30 mph,so i,ll leave with it with you,Andyp. Yawn

posted by foxyloxy [52 posts]
7th March 2013 - 18:26


Thanks for the name. Would be interesting to see if he would agree with your claim. Doctors tend not to deal in guesswork. I suspect that as a professional he probably said something quite different.

posted by andyp [1311 posts]
7th March 2013 - 18:50



posted by Littlesox [89 posts]
7th March 2013 - 19:44


Just use... nothing says you look cool when your getting stitched up or worse. i used to hate to wear one, now its just the normal for me

posted by guyondebike [34 posts]
8th March 2013 - 1:22