For sale is my 2009 Museeuw MF-1 frameset in size Medium/Large. It is a little bit too long for me and I am looking to sell the frame to help finance a new smaller frame. The Museeuw frame is warrantied for 10 years so has another 7 years’ worth of manufacturer’s warranty remaining.
I am the first and only owner to date.
The MF-1 was the top of the range model back when it was manufactured.

It comes with a carbon Easton EC90 inline seatpost, headset, Museeuw fork, 24mm axle rotor ceramic bottom bracket and Rotor compact 110 bcd cranks ( no rings ), and original flax frame bag.

Here are some reviews and information on the frames and the brand:




If you were not already aware the Museeuw frame is carbon Flax mix. Some Carbon frames can be very stiff and responsive but sometimes give quite a "buzzy" and harsh ride.
Flax has been used in the automotive industry for years as a sound and vibration dampener. When Johan Museeuw retired from the pro peloton he developed this line of bikes which use a flax carbon mix to make a more comfortable yet still responsive frame.

The frames are now made in the far east, however this is an original hand built in Italy original frame complete with Mr Museeuws signature hand written onto the frame and lacquered over. The Italian frame builder Roberto Bilato was employed to build the frames from the flax / carbon tubesets. He did this for the first couple of years but I believe that demand eventually outstripped his production capabilities and production was moved to the Far East.
This frameset uses carbon tubes and lugs in its construction.

RRP for MF-1 c/w headset and seatpost = £3000
RRP for Rotor SAAB Ceramic Bottom Bracket = £140
RRP for Rotor 3d compact cranks = £200

A total RRP of £3340 for the parts on offer.

I would like to get £1500 if possible for these items together. If the bottom bracket and compact cranks are of no use then I can remove these and would want £1300

The frame is in good condition, it is a very comfortable and responsive frame to ride. The only cosmetic problems with the frame are two tiny chips in the lacquer no bigger than 2mm, one on the top tube one on the side of the headtube. I don't have any close up photos of these cosmetic blemish’s.
I am in the process of getting some extra photographs of the bike and have asked to get detailed pictures of the chipped lacquer as a reference. ( I work away from home and am away at the moment )

Sizing it is what Musseuw call a "Medium / Large 56cm frame" :

seat tube centre BB to top Seat tube = 53cm
Top tube actual centre to centre = 53.9cm
Top tube centre to centre ( measured along the theoretical horizontal plane ) = 55cm
Head tune length = 16.3cm
Seat tube angle = 73.5 degrees
Head tube angle = 72 degrees

I have a PDF of the geometry chart for the bike, the numbers above have been taken directly off the chart, however if you would like a copy of the chart itself feel free to e-mail me.

You can see from the pictures that I am running my saddle in the extreme forward position and using a short upturned 90mm stem, I really need a smaller top tube hence the reason to move the Musseuw on. I recently had a bike fit done where I found out that I would benefit from a smaller frame.

I am based near Stourbridge in the West Midlands. The frameset will be available from the 2nd week in November. I work away from home for a month at a time, I am currently away at work and won’t be back till November 7th.
I have not used this site before other than to browse and keep up to speed with cycling news and reviews. I thought it worth a try to advertise the Museeuw on here before I went with ebay.




Please feel free to drop me a PM through the forum or contact me directly on:

grahamcast [at] hotmail.com


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Apologies for the double post of my advert, the internet connection I am using is chronic and I got impatient and obviously managed to register the advert twice through mouse clicking frustration.

I am not sure how frequently the moderators / admin staff run through the forum and the classifieds, but I would appreciate it if someone could delete one of the multiple posts.

ddtrash [2 posts] 5 years ago

The Frameset has now been listed on ebay with a "Buy it now" and "best offer" options.

The frameset won't be available to collect or be posted until 8th November as I am away from home and won/t be back till the 7th November. The frameset is still built up as a bike so i would need to give myself a day to strip the bike down.

Rotor 3D cranks ( 24mm axle )and Rotor self aligning "SAAB" ceramic bottom bracket are also going to be for sale, mail me if interested

grahamcast [at] hotmail.com