Orbea Orca bronze any good?

by BobE   October 11, 2012  

Just popped into a LBS to see what they had in as I am looking for a new road bike. They have an offer on at the moment of upgrading the Orbea Onix frame to the Orca bronze frame for no extra charge. They said Obrea are doing this at the moment because they have run out of onix framesets. The only drawbacks are the offer closes on 13th and I would only get to have a go on a turbo trainer to decide if I like. Is this an offer that is to good to be true and I should jump at, as I wasn't thinking Orbea at all?

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IIRc the Orca is a more upmarket frameset than Onix. The Bronze is more compliant grade of carbon than the Silver & Gold so better for general riding, marginally less stiff for racing.

If the LBS/importer are genuinely offering a no-strings frame upgrade for free then I'd jump at it, provided you are happy with fit and feel and aren't choosing it simply because of the upgrade.

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posted by Simon E [2339 posts]
11th October 2012 - 22:33


To be honest this wasn't a bike I had thought about at all. I had been more interested in either Giant Defy Composite 2, Cannondale Synapse Carbon or Wilier Triestina Izoard. I just happen to be passing the LBS and thought I would see what was in stock. I appreciate it is all very subjective and depends on fit, but should I be looking at the Orca in the same way as the others or am I justed being sucked in by the "to good to be true" offer? The cost is £1,400 for a 105 eqipped bike. This is around the same price as the others mentioned, but which is better for someone who is getting more serious about road cycling? I am worried that I am looking towards it as locally I cannot get to test the others as they are waiting on stock in my size. Also is just riding on a turbo trainer going to tell me much about the bike?

I am guessing now that supporters of all the makes I have mentioned are going to tell me how good their bikes are; and I will not be any the wiser!

posted by BobE [9 posts]
11th October 2012 - 23:52

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Here is a review:


They seem to echo SimonEs thoughts, not so sharp, but smooth.

It is a gamble to buy without riding first. I have done it all ways. My latest bike was bought straight off the internet, as it was a great deal. It turned out better than I could have predicted from the spec sheet or geometry chart. (caad 10) But dont think it would suit everyone. When I bought my best bike I tried a few. The one I bought was much better for me than my initial choice.

So I guess do you feel lucky??? Its not a good deal if you end up wishing you had something else!

Oh every bike I have ever owned is horrible on the turbo. It tells me nothing about the feel of a bike.

posted by ilovemytinbred [164 posts]
12th October 2012 - 10:43


I can't comment on the Wilier, I know very little about them.

The Defy and Cannondale are excellent frames with masses of R&D in them. The Orbea is going to be similar quality, the geometry that will influence how it feels far more than the type of carbon etc (all brands make a big play of how different theirs is but in the end they're all trying to do the same thing at a price point).

TBH the're all great, you should buy the bike you like best.

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posted by Simon E [2339 posts]
12th October 2012 - 12:51

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