For sale: Pair of DT Swiss R1700 wheels including the Dt Swiss RWS skewers and a 12-27 105 cassette as pictured.
Rim decals have been removed (as i was running them on a nude carbon with white highlight Cannondale supersix, and had already reduced the white highlighting by changing saddle and bartape to black - also coming up for sale)


Wheels are in great condition overall (no play in bearings / running true etc) with the only marks of note on the freehub body where the is a small amount of gouging from the cassette digging in. Cassette is still easily removable and obviously once on, the gouging is out of sight.

Looking for £350 posted.

Other pics available on request (got some hub closeups and rim closeups) or happy to answer questions if i can
scottistheboy (at) hotmail (dot) com