This is a shameless boost for Paisley Freight. Bike picked up early afternoon on the promised day, delivered by mid morning next day, all for £21.50 plus insurance (you select the level of cover you want).

Recommended, if you need to ship a bike within the UK.

PS My only connection with them is as a customer.


euanlindsay [82 posts] 5 years ago

I've only dealt with Paisley Freight as a person receiving a bike shipped through them. I would say my experience was the total opposite and quite frankly it was the worst customer service I've received.

The courier company that they had subcontracted to deliver failed for three days in a row and I was told quite aggressively it wasn't their problem and they could do nothing at all to get it delivered. The tracking website was updated with "unable to access street for delivery". Which is ironic/unbelievable since it is the main road leading into Glasgow from Paisley called Paisley Road West.

Not recommended if you a sending something to someone who you like.

fourstringsisplenty [58 posts] 5 years ago

Cor – sorry to hear you had a bad experience like that, very frustrating.

My parcel was picked up in Dorset and dropped off in Birmingham OK. I didn't realise everything was subcontracted – I guess that means you're dependent on the subcontractor's quality and attitude. You'd think Paisley would stand by it, though.

The other people I've used were Yodel. Disappointing: they didn't pick up or deliver on the promised day, though no other problems.

Anyone else got any recommendations?

Gkam84 [9119 posts] 5 years ago

I always use myHermes, fiddle the size a little to fit within their calculations and they have never picked me up on it.  3