I'm coming back to the UK later this week so thought I'd offer up this groupset in case anyone wants me to pack it to send on when I land!...

This is a new version SRAM Red groupset - the one that was released earlier this year (there seems to be some confusion around exactly what model year to call it but the pictures make it clear!). It has covered around 700km but I no longer have the frame that it was hung on and I plan to switch to Campag on my next bike.

It is all in mint condition and consists of:

- 172.5mm BB30 Exogram cranks with the new design 53/39 rings
- 11-25t new design 1090 cassette with elastomers etc.
- Chain (new version)
- New design levers
- Yaw Front mech (can be used with band for 34.9mm seat tube or on a braze-on) and chain catcher
- New design Rear mech
- New design Brakes

Pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rich-gearing/sets/72157631462224126/

£1150 posted within the UK. Best UK retail price I've found is something like £2k.

I fly Thursday afternoon (Sydney time) so you have about 30hrs from now (it's nearly 7pm on Tuesday evening here as I type)!

Offers considered. PM me if interested. Sorry, no splits - whole group or not at all.


pjay [254 posts] 5 years ago