Well guys, our season is over, after 110 race days, more than any pro's racing days, I think... My morning coffees this year have been dedicated to choosing my teams, so I'm going to have to find something else to do for the half-hour morning coffees for the next few months...
Congrats to The Manx Missiles for winning the overall. I finished 6th in the overall table, which is not bad. My only regret is not having won the TdF. I finished 5th in the premium overall there, some 109 points behind the winner, but work related circumstances had made me miss four transfer days during the Tour, one of those days being a break day... So, assuming that each of those transfer days had brought me some 23 extra points (which is a fair bet, I think), I should have been in the mix for winning the TdF. Those extra points could also have helped me fight for the third spot in the overall (Manx Missiles and Punctured were unbeatable for the first two spots I think). But work is work, and I imagine everyone missed some transfer days over the grand tours this year...
That said, I liked this year's rules and I like the separation between star riders and domestiques... some races are won with the star riders, some are won with the domestiques... I like having to make out in advance if the next race is going to belong to one category or the other... Cheers mates!


drheaton [3323 posts] 5 years ago

Yeah, this year has been looooong. It especially felt it during the overlapping races (Tour of California, Tour de Suisse and Tour of Poland) and during a few of the lesser races too. We're not done yet though, one more race to go...

As nice as it's been to add in the extra competitions I don't think they've added much to the game given how difficult it's been to obtain results etc. The ToB on the other hand (despite the similar nature of the stage results) ended up being quite fun.

Congrats to the Manx Missiles from me too, with one race to go I'm just outside the top 100 but lost loads of points on a few of the smaller races where I was just dicking around, 2000 points is one hell of a gap to make up next year though.

My highlight of this year was a top 20 place in the Giro and my 'oh so close' 2nd place as a purist in the Tour  20

I might take a leaf out of Wiggo's book next year and just pick and choose my races in the run up to the Tour to try and prevent burn-out and peak at the right time  4

The Hoggs [3496 posts] 5 years ago

Notched my first ever stage win this year - well chuffed - but like many missed some days due to work and holidays (first week of the Vuelta) but cant be annoyed by it had a great holiday with the family  4

Lets hope next year is as much fun and maybe i can sign off with a stage win in the Tour of Beijing.