Is my Dancelli a Colnago?

by u4jef   September 28, 2012  


I have a Dancelli framed show-pony (c. 1985) and I've heard many internet sources say that these frames were made by both Colnago and Merckx. Lots of the details of my bike match details of period Colnago frames but I'd love to find any definitive source as to who made this frame. Any ideas as to books/sites/etc... that might help me find the answer much appreciated.

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If its all original. Take a picture of the headtube badge, the top of the fork and where the seat stays meet the top bar. So dead give aways if its a Colnago or something else Wink

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28th September 2012 - 17:26

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From what I understand, Dancelli frames were made by Colnago after Michele Dancelli won the 1970 Milan – San Remo on a Colnago.

So they were Colnago frames stickered up as Dancelli's, A bit like Trek did with Lemond frames.

Later on Dancelli put his name to a Billato frame i believe.

You got any pictures? Any stickers on the frame with tubing and model numbers?

The misconception about Dancelli being involved with Merckx bikes seems to come about from them being on the same team in the 70's. In 71 Colnago put together a frame for Merckx that he used to win Milan-San Remo and it had his name on the down tube. One of, if not the first custom named cycle in the pro peleton Thinking

The Dancelli bikes are named for Michelli Dancelli, a professional racer from the late '60's and early '70's. He rode for the Salvarini and Molteni teams. At Molteni he was a road captain for Eddy Merckx. His most famous win was the Milan-San Remo while at Molteni. At the time the team was riding bikes made by Colnago. The Dancelli family crest had a clover leaf on it, before Dancelli's win in the Milan-San Remo Colnago did not have a "brand", in honour of Dancelli's win at San Remo Ernesto Colnago adopted the clover leaf to represent Colnago and that is still used to this day

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28th September 2012 - 21:32