OK, a question derviced from vanity and an apparent inability to find the right answer anywhere...

So, having had my nice bike built up with a triple a couple of years ago (for the Étape - I was grateful for it again this year), the rest of my riding I find I use only the 53 and 39.

Now, arguments aside as to whether its worth changing to a double (I've decided to if reasonably feasible), can anyone clarify for me whether a 10sp Ultegra Triple STI will shift properly on a double chainset?

I have assumed that I will need a double front mech, but is that necessary? If it means a new STI, then that's too much and I'll stick with the irritating chainline and disdain of real roadmen (and women).

I feel a bit of a dunce asking this question, but I've failed to find the answer anywhere else.



dave atkinson [6304 posts] 8 years ago

as ever with shimano gear, the answer is yes and no. No in that they'll say it won't work, yes in that it probably will, even if it's a bit of a bodge  1

starting this year (ultegra 6700) there are specific shifters for double and triple chainsets and the spacing between the rings is different (about 1mm wider on the double). pre-6700 though the spacing is the same, so triple STIs should shift fine across a double.

Assuming you're going to run a standard double you may or may not be able to wind in the limit screws on your triple mech to stop the chain falling off either end. worth a try before you go and buy a new one...

I've used plenty of flat bar bikes that use a triple shifter to shift across a double, but i've never actually tried it with an STI lever, so i can't categorically say it'll work. anyone else done it?

ourmaninthenorth [81 posts] 7 years ago

Thanks, Dave.

Yes, it's 6600 series, so I'm sure it will work as you suggest, and I note the point about using the mech.

Of course, I'll still have to source a short cage rear mech, though....