So I have nearly finished building a Canyon CF SLX frame with full Dura Ace 7900, including pedals and C24 wheels, and top line finishing kit. It weighs about 6.6kg, stiff and generally superb!

My one sticking point is brakes. I have a set of Dura Ace but I am not convinced by them (relatively heavy at 294g and don't quite live up to the reviews IMHO). Now I am not quite a weight weenie but want something light.

TRP979EQ (not that I can afford them!) or 970SL, Dura Ace, KCNC CB1, Planet X, Superlight Accura?? However, stopping power is something that I think is essential on a bike so reluctant to go for a light low performer.

For info: C24 have aluminium braking surface.


izza [18 posts] 5 years ago

I recently bought the Planet X ones. In hand, I couldn't stop smiling how light they were and on the bike, their stopping power and modulation has been just as impressive.

Additionaly, in terms of packaging the bike or punctures, wheel removal is much easier than any dual pivot designs I've had before.

Raleigh [1667 posts] 5 years ago

I reccoment the PX ones as well, my mate's dad has them on his TT bike.

They look awesome and 'rock!' according to him.

veseunr [262 posts] 5 years ago

And now I have seen KCNC C7 new edition. They look nice too ..... errrrr....  39