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re the pic attached. Just bought a Bianchi Infinito. The headset has an open hole. I would normally expect a blanking cover or screw as I've had with past FSA headsets. Seems odd to me that it's just an open hole that can fill with grit, water etc. Can't find a clear picture on the net to confirm if this is how it should be. Anyone have one? Is there a bit missing or am I being silly?

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Thats just how it should be. There is no plug or anything to sit above it Nerd

If you have a local hardware store. Pop in and see if you can get something like this


Or a bling one


That'll keep the crap out

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Brill, cheers

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Has it got an FSA Compressor Adjuster? They are for carbon steerer tubes, where a star nut might bite into the carbon fibre and weaken it.

The inner hex bolt expands the bung, so that it grips the walls of the steerer tube. If you loosen the inner bolt, the bung may drop further down the steerer tube, and be difficult to get out!

The outer hole fits a larger hex key, and is used to pre-load the headset bearings before the bolts on the stem are tightened. I find adjusting the pre-load harder with these than with the usual bolt threaded through a star nut.

two wheels good; four wheels bad

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