Im planning on a metric tomorrow (weds) and one on friday if anyone is interested.

Two different routes from bristol, first off going through yate, up toward old sodbury (chuckle...) down past castle combe to chippenham, over to melksham and back to bristol through rbadford on avon and bath (Thanks to dave for the route, lovely and quick)

Friday likely to be a bimble around some hills in the medips. Nothing concrete as of yet. Will be heading through the centre of bristol (plaza opposite the hippodrome) at about 9am each day if anyone wants to tag along. Will be on a felt ar4.


Fringe [1047 posts] 8 years ago

would have liked to come but was at work at 9am, and hadnt seen your post till now (sat) anyway!

im out for a ride Friday 4th Sept, afternoon, if any good for you?

and anyone else from the 'road.cc Bristol section' for that matter...