I'm bringing this to the forum after a number of comments in this news article.


I've been taking flak on another article. So hopefully won't get it here.

This is more of a "trying to educate" and get more people using the forum's.

So an example of the comments

crikey wrote:

Hurrah! Another London based story....

I love hearing all about some place where I'm actually not. Do keep it up.

Chris James wrote:

Ah but Dave - what do you write about my small village outside Huddersfield?

Nowt, I'll bet.


So what I'm suggesting, to EVERYONE. If you want a news article about your area. To bring it to the attention of the community, also the guys and girls who do the news on this site.

What to do, go to /node/add/forum/0

Type up the news article or copy and paste the article with a link to it aswell.

If its from a newspaper and not online. Type the whole article up with some information about the paper. I.e. what paper, date of publication. Then it can also be traced.

That way you have a better way of getting things into the public domain, rather than just saying "you never cover my area". The staff of Road.cc simply cannot cover the whole country/continent/world for article's to publish. If its not brought to their attention, It might go by the way side as it was totally unknown to them.

Maybe Dave or Tony could create a "news" email. If its not online already as a news story somewhere else that is easy to link. Email the typed article to them for approval and someone might post it in the news section if its deemed news worthy?