I am considering a set of Hope Hoops as an upgrade from a set of Shimano Rs10 wheels.

I was hoping to pick the Hive mind for a few details and questions.

First off, does anyone know what rims are used on the RS-sp 3.0 wheelset? The Hope website just says '30mm alloy aero section'. Any idea who makes them?

Second question, the Rs-sp 3.0s are 112g heavier than the cheaper RS-Monos. I'm probably splitting hairs but is the 30mm aero section worth more in overall performance than the 112g lighter, non aero RS-Monos?

Any other experience of these wheelsets welcome too. I've used Hope Hoops on my MTB for years and so thats kind of why I'm drawn to them for the Road Bike (which By the way is a Genesis Equilibrium, 105/ultegra mix, Enigma Etape carbon fork, USE carbon post, Hope bearings, Easton Bars, Hence looking at wheels next for upgrade)