Before I begin, I have to say, I have NO experience of riding in a CM, I have racing experience, but thats totally different.

I'm bring this onto the forum from the news article here

After having looked about at the Critical Mass and things it stands for and what its about. It seems so typical to me that London's has gone from being a "decentralized structure" to quite an organised ride with motives behind certain aspects of it. This is just my observation and may be totally wrong. Quite happy to be corrected on anything I say here.

While looking around I found http://www.criticalmasslondon.org.uk/main.html which just seems to be a site that collates all the pictures, videos, comments.....etc. rather than being an organising website.

While looking through it. I found the latest video links to the ride which took place on 31st August. NOT to my surprise Traffic Droid was there filming...He bugs me a bit with the way he is while cycling. For instance this...Is there any need? http://youtu.be/LNZVj29jDOA

So back to the CM videos

Traffic Droid's

Brian Bit

Just a few things I want to pick up on and see if its the "Norm" from anyone who might go along to these CM's.

1) About 1.30 into Droid's video, you see two riders "box" a taxi. This happens many times in Brian's videos, not only taxi's, but blocking junctions by lining up bikes.

2) Taking to the pavement, wrong way around traffic island's seem to be acceptable....

3) Lining bikes up as per 1 to block a whole junction and everyone filters though even though its a red light.

4) Motor Vehicle's would be pulled over if they towed a trailed with a loud sound system on in. Why are they doing that and not being stopped? Do they have a PRS license?

Those are just a couple of points. I could have a long list. No wonder the police are pissed off with it. If you are not an organised mass, Why are you not following the RULES of the road. Stopping at lights and so forth. If you organised it and let the police know. I bet there would be NO trouble. Give them an idea of the route and time scale. They could have some police do the junctions for you. Being once a month, I think they would help you would with that. Yet you take it upon yourselves to enforce this.

ALOT of Boris bike's in there aswell. Why not put into the terms of use, they CANNOT be used in such an event.

Also, WHY are their guys with "long boards" in there aswell?  39

One final thing. It you are just going to sit in front of a vehicle. The driver will get pissed off....1 minute into Brian's video you see this.

Please comment and correct me if you feel something I have said is wrong. This is just a start point on the forum for discussion, because I know some people just comment on a news article and never return to it.


pjay [254 posts] 5 years ago

I have many reservations about Critical Mass, but at the end of the day you are not going to get any change in this crazilly car-centric city by riding around a pre-determined route in single file being polite to motorists. After all, the selfish gross over-use of private vehicles is impacting on everyone, including pedestrians and the drivers themselves. A wake-up call once a month probably isn't a bad thing even if certain people on Critical Mass go a bit over the top.