Emma Pooley

by Kay2   September 13, 2012  

Did Emma Pooley just win a big race? I was expecting to see news of it on this site? Confused

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Did she? What race?

The only thing thats been about her lately is if she's going to seek out a new team or retire and finish her degree

If you are talking about the Tour de l'Ardeche in France? Its only a 6 stage small race that ended on the 8th September with her winning the 3rd and final 6th stages.

Also, she was the only "big" name female cyclist there. It was a tour in the park really http://www.tcfia.com/

Not a big race, but with her talking of retirement, the race result has been trumped in the news by that Wink

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posted by Gkam84 [9355 posts]
13th September 2012 - 18:50


Would have still been worth at least a mention surely? Looking at the website it seems a little more than a tour in the park. Website not easy to navigate though.


posted by Kay2 [4 posts]
13th September 2012 - 19:02


Interesting to note that she was there as part of a mixed team consisting of riders whose own teams didn't want to attend.

This was an interesting read http://marijndevries.nl/?p=5276

posted by simon F [1043 posts]
14th September 2012 - 9:46

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She won the haute route too Nerd

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7830 posts]
14th September 2012 - 12:31


Kay2 wrote:
Would have still been worth at least a mention surely?

Apparently not.

The media (online and print) do not consider her and her sport not newsworthy, only her possible retirement from it.

Angry Angry Angry

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posted by Simon E [2370 posts]
14th September 2012 - 15:02


What? Women? Racing bikes? Seriously? (Not on Road cc obviously)

posted by SideBurn [912 posts]
14th September 2012 - 17:07