i hope to have one of these bad boys before too long (ride a mountain bike usually)  4 will be in debt for a fair while though  3http://www.dalescycles.com/components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/product/...
i cannot wait to start riding it,but as my only road bike was a raleigh elan from early 90's (ridden back in the early 90's/until a van pulled out of roundabout when i had right of way.cue bent front end  14

any tips/advice for a road numpty would be much appreciated  9 4

am looking forward to trying to get fit enough to set off a speed camera one day  3 as well as the sheer speed going downhill (i live in devizes wilts,so there are plenty of country roads/hills that i have never ridden before.
thanks  4


mattbibbings [81 posts] 5 years ago

Money is only one way of measuring value. How do you place value on the feeling of the open road on a shiny new bike? The debt will feel somehow smaller after the first ride!

Tips? http://www.velominati.com/  1