Looking for some feedback on rollers as considering adding them to my indoor training regime (have a cyclops mag turbo). I've been looking online and there seems to be a lot of things to consider: parabolic, aluminium, with resistance or without, big or little gauge, etc. Any feedback is appreciated. Oh, I don't want to spend a huge amount of money but I do want to get something that will stand the test of time and work outdoors/indoors. Maybe, I can rent some first before making a commitment...?

I should say that I mostly ride on a turbo (1-1.5hrs/session: fatburn and HIIT) during the week with one big ride (45-70miles) on Sat or Sun. I'm looking at rollers as a way to improve my speed/strength for when I make it out on the road.



cidermart [520 posts] 5 years ago

I have used parabolic rollers by elite and have found them very good for increasing core balance, leading to better handling skills, as you are free to move about with the added advantage of raised sides to prevent you going off of the edge. I have never been on resistance rollers so can't comment on them but the use of your own gears to up the resistance worked for me but as for strength i think a turbo is better, although it does build up sustained leg speed/cadence. Just remember not to touch anything metal after you have been on them as you can get a proper static shock. Hope this is of some help.

road ronin [52 posts] 5 years ago

i love my rollers so much more intresting than turbo. that said i have fallen off my rollers once in quite spectacular fashion when my daughter thought it would be a good idea to touch my spoke hence emergency stop and crash but daughter with all fingers

but through the winter i ride aleast a couple of times a week just get the bike down place on rollers and ride no changing wheels or tyres so i use both the winter bike and summer bike on the rollers

take the plunge and enjoy  4 4

russyparkin [570 posts] 5 years ago

plus 1 with road ronin, rollers improve your bike riding massively. learning to ride in a proper straight line. i have on occasion sat at 22-23 mph watching a film and easily passed 1.5 hours. so much kinder on tyres as well.

you do shit your pants slightly the first time you let go of what ever is supporting you for the first time  1