Hi all,

So, this is what I designated this summer as the winter hack, having bought myself a summer bike of ultimate joy.
But it's a carbon Condor for gods sake, this isn't a winter hack. This is a bike to be enjoyed, a bike for someone to ride all the time and derive wonderful pleasure from.
So, I must sell her and spend the proceeds on something I don't care about getting all scuzzed up over the winter.

Full specs then...
58 cm Condor Baracchi full carbon frame. Think it's the 2009 model, bought in Feb 2010.
Campagnolo Centaur 2010 groupset, compact 50/34, 172.5mm cranks.
12-27 rear Centaur cassette, newish, done around 200-400 miles at a guess.
Pro-lite Bracchiano wheels - incredible light mid-range wheels, great for climbing.
Conti GP4000s tyres, in yellow. Yeah, I know. This colour scheme might offend some people. I've got some black conti ultras I can chuck in if you want.
Won't be selling with the yellow fizik arione, instead it'll be a black planet-x one of the same shape.
Carbon bars with... yeah yeah, yellow tape. I can re-wrap some black if you're boring, or have taste, or something.
Will also be provided with a spare Centaur chain and some brand new, never fitted.. oh god, these are in the store too so I can't fully remember... I think they're TA chainrings, forged and CNC finished. They're the good ones, anyway. There's loads of life left in the chain and chainrings on the bike, but in a splurge of consumer lust, I decided to buy new ones. New things are shiny. Caress them.

Overall it's gorgeous. As I said, the yellow detailing may not be to everyone's taste, but that's cosmetic. Lightweight, handles well, eye catching and comfortable to ride for hours - it's a perfect Sportive bike, and light enough to race on too. A beautiful bike from one of the UK's heritage brands. It's designed to be a bike you can ride all day, so the carbon is relaxed rather than race sharp - that said, she climbs like a demon and glides downhill.

I'm based in London, and would prefer to meet the buyer to deliver that way. If you want it posted, that's possible but bear in mind I can't do that until I've actually moved house, a few weeks from now.
I'm 6'1", by the way. Would suit a rider an inch or two either side of that.

Looking for £1100.


notfastenough [3729 posts] 5 years ago

For what it's worth, I think that looks ace, although something tells me that when you fitted all that yellow, you weren't thinking "winter hack, winter hack", you were just thinking "woohoo, this is going to look fugging awesome!" before realising that it's not for commuting on!

Anyway, I'm drooling, alas it's a bit too big for me, good luck selling it though.

bashthebox [752 posts] 5 years ago

It used to be the summer bike, hence the pretty colours. Actually, it used to be the only bike. Anyway, it has done a winter, but not a particularly grimy one.

bashthebox [752 posts] 5 years ago

I've dropped the price on this to £999.