A real shot in the dark here with this one ..

I managed to lose a wind/rain jacket on Saturday 1st September, it popped out of a jersey pocket somewhere on my route ..

I went through Pattingham, Albrighton, Codsall Wood, Bishops Wood and over to Wheaton Aston before I realised ... I backtracked on some of that route but no joy.

As I say, a real shot in the dark but if you found a white CHIBA jacket rolled up into its pouch on the roadside I'd really appreciate a headsup on it ... theres nowt in the kit kitty at present (cue violins) ..  1

This is a very raer jacket (not rare in that it's particularly special) but you simply dont see them anywhere..

You cannae miss it anyway, it has CHIBA written across the shoulder blades..

Cheers all!