Cabinet Reshuffle - Greening out for McLoghlin as Transport Minister

by joemmo   September 4, 2012  

Todays reshuffling of the fools in government sees Justine Greening replaced by Patrick Mcloughlin as transport minister. I understand Greening was moderately cycling friendly but have no idea about her replacement - sounds like a job for some investigation!

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New bloke is a two-sock, death-grip-on-the-handlebars cyclist. See pic linked at

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posted by Carlton Reid [130 posts]
4th September 2012 - 13:15


From what I've heard the new guy isn't against a third Heathrow runway whereas Greening was, time for another u-turn?

posted by drheaton [3429 posts]
4th September 2012 - 13:57


He's not one to let his views go unheard Wink

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posted by Gkam84 [9362 posts]
4th September 2012 - 14:40