I've recently came into possession of a bit of spare cash, and I plan on replacing my Shimano RO77s with a pair of mid-range shoes.

The Shimanos where pretty good when I started riding, but they are not comfortable on long rides, and they don't feel really secure - I either have to tighten them to uncomfortable levels or have my foot move around in them more than I'd like to (I understand that Shimano shoes are wide in comparison to Sidis, for example).

I found a really good deal on Bont A3s. What do you think about them? Does the heat moulding really work as it should? I read that they are very stiff, and I'd like that.

Also, how large/small are they compared to Shimano? My RO77s are size 45, how big should I order the Bonts? Or do you know any place where you can try them on, in London?



mr-andrew [300 posts] 5 years ago

Mosquito bikes stock them, and offer damn good service too. And while I'm at it, they have a great workshop that do superb work at a reasonable price. Don't be put off by all the really, really, really expensive bikes they stock.

onlyonediane [157 posts] 5 years ago

Mosquito's use to stock them, I got some Bont A one's as they were getting rid of old stock. They are vey comfortable and heat mouldable. I believe Sigma Sport stock them in Kingston.