Hi all. I know there are some old threads relating to this so forgive me for starting a new one, I'd really appreciate some advice though. I'm looking at purchasing a Bianchi Infinito online so want to make sure I'm chosing the right size. I'm 5' 10", 32" inside leg. My LBS recommends a 55cm frame altough this was over the phone and obviously they say I should go in to get measured. I hate to waste their time as I'm not buying from them. Various places online recommend a 57cm frame (Evans for example). Anyone out there ride a C2C frame and have any advice?


Chris [160 posts] 5 years ago

Trouble is that if you spend your days measuring people for millimetre-perfect bike fits then you get used to the idea that anything else is just not good enough.
Knowing your height and inside leg gives a rough idea, which for a comfort biased, long distance bike like the Infinito should be all you really need, but doesn't take into account your unique physiology, fitness, type of riding you're used to, type of riding you're aspiring towards, flexibility, previous injuries, etc.
Also, there is only 1cm difference in the effective top-tube length when comparing the 55cm and 57cm Infinito, making it very difficult to know which way to go from a quick phone conversation.
You could maybe pay for a bike fitting then use that data to buy the bike online.
Both sizes would work for you but of course if you had a bike fit you'd discover that one would work slightly better than the other. That slight difference might add up to a significant improvement in efficiency and performance over a longer ride.
You could maybe pay for a bike fitting then use that data to buy the bike online. Might be worth the fee to get things exactly right.
Alternatively, why not buy a bike from your LBS and get a bike-fitting as part of the deal. That way they'll set everything up and even change stem and crank lengths if necessary. Maybe it won't be quite as cheap as buying online, but the added value of the perfect custom fit and after sales support is always worth it in the long run.

Gkam84 [9104 posts] 5 years ago

I am roughly the same height and inside leg as you. But never had a Bianchi, simply because I don't like them.

But I have a stable of others from 54 to 58 and I am most comfy on my 55/56's

BUT everyone is totally different. Hence why I will agree with the LBS. Get fitted and measured.

ManyFacedTMan [30 posts] 5 years ago

Thanks guys, useful advice already. One thing I forget to mention is the 20% discount from the online site (Winstanleys) hence not buying local. I'd rather use my local shop but a £400 quid saving is too good to ignore. Thanks again