I bought this bike for doing the 3 Peaks last year and what with not getting in this year, i have decided to sell it.

i Recon that other than the peaks it has only done 100 miles or so.

The spec is:

Focus Mares Expert 2010, 55/6cm
Aluminium hydroformed frame with carbon forks
Ultegra STIs and mechs with Ultegra CX70 brakes (These were an £80 upgrade)
Fulcrum racing 7 wheels with Conti CX race tyres (although shown with road tyres on)
FSA cranks bars and stem.
Uprated cables (Jagwire outers with dura-ace inners) as you REALY dont want your brake cable snapping coming off pen y gent!!!
New Cork bar tape with Cinelli extra soft Gell padding underneath.
Red Gel lever hoods (i have a spare set of these as well i'll throw in)

Lovely bike, that i don't really want to sell, but there's only so many bikes i can fit in the garage (this is no 8!!)

The current version is called the AX1.0 with almost the same spec. This seems to be going for around £1100 to £1200 (after about 20% discount)

I would be looking for offers in the region of £750

Before they get asked, heres answers to the first questions i anticipate :

Will it take disk?? No, as until last year, UCI bikes were not allowed these and the shimano brakes are amazing!!

Can it take a rack?? there are no braze ons, but one could be fitted using p clips

can it take mudguards? Yes, although there are no fittings on the frame or forks, so you'd have to be imaginative with your cable ties.

Whats the fattest tyre it will take? My mate has pt a 45mm tyre in his!!

Will it fit me?? im 5'11" and it's good. recon it will do anyone from 5'7" to 6'

is there any damage. no!! the only marks are small heel rubs on both chainstays which can easily be fixed