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by koko56   August 25, 2012  

Hi, a while ago I had a bit of an odd thing happen:

Me and a riding buddy were pootling through a pretty rough area of a housing estate (were temporarily lost)and there were a few kids out and about. One of them had a plastic sword and after us passing by he ran next to me with a retarded smile on his face and then a few moments later I heard a crunching noise. I looked down and had stuck that plastic sword into my rear wheel - it snapped against the seatstays of my Canyon CF. I did not really feel it nor did the rear wheel seem to lock up. I was a bit stunned and did not react apart from looking at him with a genuine blank face. I looked at the stays which seemed to be okay and I just rolled off.

Then a bit later on having felt the seatstays by hand there seemed to be a little dent in the rear facing side of the RH stay - he stuck the sword through the left. I have not felt that area before so not sure if it was there before or not, but after a few weeks it seems to have gotten smaller?

The sword itself appeared to be made of brittle plastic and the way he was handling it (about 10yo kid) seemed to be very light. Could it have dented the CF at all, or would it have been there from beginning? It seems to be okay structurally but I just can't get over it - keep thinking about it every time I look at any skinny seatstays.

Have you had anything similar happen to you?

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Little *%$* indeed!

I'm sure it'll be absolutely fine, it'll just be the lacquer has a bit missing, I wouldn't worry about it structurally at all.

Not had that happen to me, but did get stoned on a commute once, not stoned as in high, literally had stones thrown at me as I passed one of those council funded gypsy camps!

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posted by _Karlos_ [65 posts]
25th August 2012 - 20:25


Battlescars I guess.

"look what mine went through" Tongue

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posted by koko56 [334 posts]
25th August 2012 - 21:36


Stays are stronger than spokes, so If anything was damaged the spokes would show it first.

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posted by Manglier [90 posts]
27th August 2012 - 9:53


Was cycling home last week, a few kids at a bus stop about 12-4 year old, one launches a stone at me. Hits me, I turned round and had a word.

posted by Darthshearer [141 posts]
28th August 2012 - 11:07


had a grommit throw a stick at me whilst commuting on the castlereagh road in Belfast - figured the wee bas@@d must have sharpen it too as it ended up piercing the skin of my forearm and just hanging there.
Did turn around to chase them down but of course they all laughed and ran off.

posted by bfslxo [150 posts]
28th August 2012 - 11:58