Frustrating drive chain noise

by Marky Legs   August 23, 2012  

I have a Planet X road bike with SRAM Red rear mech running on an SRAM block with SRAM chain.

It has been great until recently when - intermittently - it will start making a noise not dissimilar to that when you are not quite in the gear, but loader and not constant (difficult to explain).

If I pedal backwards, it stops - for a while anyway.
If I change gear, sometimes it stops sometimes not.

Has anyone got any ideas what can be causing this?

The rear mech, chain and sprocket look lined up to me.


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Hi Mark

What wheels do you have? The freewheel may be having problems engaging the pawls if it's doing that and stopping when you freewheel.

I run SRAM Red on four bikes and have never had that issue but have had something similar on a different bike with the freewheel cassette clicking after a few minutes of pressure.


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posted by minnellium [82 posts]
23rd August 2012 - 11:05


Hi Mark,

I also have a Planet X frame but built up with 105. I'm sure if its the same annoying noise but i seem to get a squeak/creak when i put some power through the pedals. Mine too is intermittent and dependant on the gear im in. I initially throught it was cleats or chainset but im thinking it may be the BB.

Let me know if you think it sounds like the same issue. or similar a least!


posted by 02curtisb [71 posts]
23rd August 2012 - 11:31



Wheels are stock Planet X ones until I upgrade.

It has been ridden in sportives and as a consequence it has suffered getting wet.

Do you think it's possible some water has gotten into the freewheel? Perhaps removal, clean and lube would resolve - comments please.



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posted by Marky Legs [124 posts]
23rd August 2012 - 12:03


check your rear mech tension screw, are the jockey wheels really close to the cassette?

posted by Lost faith in t... [120 posts]
23rd August 2012 - 12:25


I would suggest checking to make sure the rear derailleur is set correctly before messing around.

posted by Marauder [268 posts]
23rd August 2012 - 15:42

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There's lots of experience here on this site but it's always going to be difficult trying to explain/describe a noise or sensation.....
Why not pop to you LBS and ask them to give their opinion (in the flesh, so to speak) Thinking

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posted by colhum1 [98 posts]
23rd August 2012 - 19:01


Is the mech hanger tight? I've seen it a couple of times where the two small screws holding it on have loosened slightly due to lack of loctite.

posted by Amos [44 posts]
28th August 2012 - 6:46


Amos wrote:
Is the mech hanger tight? I've seen it a couple of times where the two small screws holding it on have loosened slightly due to lack of loctite.

...The two small screw are for top/bottom adjustments. One big hex key bolt hold the thing on! As previously mentioned, tension screw (the one that presses against the frame) might be worth screwing down if jockey wheel close to cassette.

posted by veseunr [284 posts]
28th August 2012 - 7:59


just a thought,is the cassette on tight might be worth checking.

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posted by RobeH [35 posts]
28th August 2012 - 8:24


Ok well mine is held on by to small screws, I wasn't referring to the H and L limit screws !!

posted by Amos [44 posts]
28th August 2012 - 10:57


I suspect that there could be some chain wear causing the noise you describe.

posted by derek vivian [2 posts]
3rd September 2012 - 12:04