ITV 4 Cycling Show

by pedalo   August 21, 2012  

I chanced upon Eurosport's excellent coverage of Le Tour a few years back and became hooked and have found the Olympics enthralling.The new ITV show is interesting too, but to a newbe like me, sometimes baffling. Could they have an idiots guide section where terms, mechanics, rules etc are explained? Sorry if this post is in the wrong place, I am sure I will be re-directed if so!
Just a point from a drivers point of view, Please wear Hi Viz jackets when cycling! With dark nights on the way it is very difficult to see a dark bike, jacket and trousers. I do not want to flatten a future Brad. Wink

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I find the new one hour Cycle Show a big improvement on the half hour format they had previously. What is it you don't understand? It seems to be aimed mostly at a general audience.

On hi-viz, I don't and never will wear it. I use bright lights and reflectives when visibility is poor and, in my experience, when a driver says he didn't see you he didn't look. I had this the other day. It was broad daylight, I was wearing a white t-shirt and some idiot in a Range Rover drove straight across my path without looking. When I caught up with him he said that he didn't see me and that I should have been wearing hi-viz. I suggested he went to get his eyes tested.

posted by pjay [242 posts]
21st August 2012 - 8:52


Should all pedestrians wear hi-viz too? You know, just in case they want to cross the roads that motorists own? Wink

posted by darren13366 [63 posts]
21st August 2012 - 12:52

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For 'newbie' stuff have a look here

and this is a bit more obscure but fun too

Hi Viz? Sometimes. All black gear? Never!

posted by mattbibbings [103 posts]
21st August 2012 - 13:09


What an idiot.

Should they ban dark coloured cars, cans etc incase we cant see them?

posted by Darthshearer [141 posts]
21st August 2012 - 13:14

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First welcome to the wonderful and diverse world of cycling. I'm sure most folk in the forum will happily answer questions. If not there's plenty of info and mags out there. Must admit, you have set yourself up with the HiViz comment - me I don't wear it as it is a magnet for cars. Decent lights get me seen at night Big Grin anyhow - off to find a hiviz big enough for the motor just to be on the safe side Wink

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21st August 2012 - 15:07


Why not just use a search engine to find out the meanings behind the jargon? It works for most topics, including cycling.

As for mechanics, there's a video tutorial on Youtube for pretty much everything.

posted by Campag_10 [153 posts]
21st August 2012 - 15:30

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if there's anything specific you want to know, just bob it below and we'll let the hive mind have a crack at it Nerd Nerd Nerd

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7857 posts]
21st August 2012 - 15:33


Thanks for all the comments. I will check the you tube etc for my info and if not satisfied, I'll call again.
With regard to the minefield of hi viz. I live on the outskirts of a town where there is little street lighting and what there is is often switched off. I suspect the people who I find difficulty in seeing are not the type who would consider themselves cyclists and use boards such as these,but use a bike just to get to work and for nothing else. They do not make any effort to wear anything to show or reflect light from behind and on a dark night against a hedge in the rain are very difficult to see, particularly if wearing a dark rucksack and there is no oncoming traffic to light the road or provide a silhouette. Thinking

posted by pedalo [3 posts]
21st August 2012 - 21:25

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Oh well, if it's night, they should have lights. Hi viz is pretty useless, but I do wear a council-issued one, which seems official enough to encourage most drivers to give me more room. I've not been wearing it much in the recent heat, though.

So what was confusing or still needs a guide, then? Smile

posted by a.jumper [833 posts]
21st August 2012 - 23:29

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