For the last 20 years I have always thought myself pretty adept at sorting my position on the my road bikes. I have never had an injury I would attribute to poor positioning on the bike and have always been comfy (enough).

However, I am considering getting a proper bike fit due to a different bike related injury. In April I broke both my wrists in an OTB incident on my mountain bike. Long story short my right wrist is the most complex fracture my surgeon has ever tried to fix - I totally smashed it (the x rays are scary). I'm about to have it partially fused.

My thoughts have turned to bike fit as I want to make sure I am not putting any undue stress on my hands when I am back on the road (my turbo is getting A LOT of use right now, with Tri bar arm rests).

Locally I have Trek FIT and Specialized BGfit available. Does anyone have any experience of these two they would care to share. Other suggestions would be most welcome too. I live in Otley, near leeds BTW.



MinardiM189 [116 posts] 5 years ago

You could try JD Cycles in Ilkley.

They have offered me sound advice on riding position and also do a computer based bike fit on request.

Hypoglycaemic [20 posts] 5 years ago

Given the seriousness of your wrist injuries I think it would be best to see a physio who specialises in bike fitting. I don't have any names but I recall seeing a few at the bike show at the NEC last year. It might be worth a check there in September. Best of luck with it!

Lost faith in t... [116 posts] 5 years ago


speak to these guys, this is who trained me in the trek fit. he will probably give the best advise on who to see.  1