What the Sky boys eat

by Marauder   August 15, 2012  

Hi guys
This might of already been posted so apologies in advance.

Sky posted this link on Facebook of some of the foods the Sky riders eat for breaky.


I know we won't be able to make all seeing as we don't have a professional chef and all but a good insight into what a Pro cyclist eats very rarely is seen and can give us all a few tips of what to eat pre-ride.

I think I might start with some quinoa with my porridge.

Enjoy. Nerd

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I had to unfollow @teamskychef as his photos had me slavering at my desk, desperately wanting a salmon steak or a couple of those beautiful desserts instead of my usual sarnies.


The perfectly adequate food I get at home seemed dull and unappetising by comparison, not appropriate such a dedicated sportsman as myself (yeah, right!). Sorry Mrs E.

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posted by Simon E [2075 posts]
16th August 2012 - 12:22

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How many ways are there to say 'Quinoa'? Is quinoa a 'tastes like shit but you can eat it' sort of food?? Could you use it instead of rice/pasta?

posted by SideBurn [873 posts]
16th August 2012 - 14:38

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It's bland, so a bit like rice, cous-cous etc in that it works well as an accompaniment for flavoursome foods or with some stock. It is gluten-free so is of particular interest to those who are intolerant or trying to go wheat-free. Just try some recipes and see how you go.

Brian, I prefer chopped apple or banana in my porridge - for flavour as much as anything. My kids like golden syrup stirred in with cocoa pops on top or a sprinkle of cinnamon (it's still better than the crap they'd like to eat). I have been doing rides 'on empty' in recent months. For steady/tempo rides I have nothing but water before leaving the house; nothing during the ride if it's up to 2 hours, a fruit bar or two if it's longer. I wouldn't do it for an intense training session or a race but it's supposed to tune your body to burn more fat instead of relying on ingested carbs. More info at www.optimumnutrition4sport.com

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posted by Simon E [2075 posts]
16th August 2012 - 20:04

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As Simon says, Its gluten free, great if thats a need to you, if not, stay away, its disgusting.

Someone requested that from a kitchen I used to work in, so we got some in from a local shop......GAADDDS Devil

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posted by Gkam84 [9059 posts]
16th August 2012 - 20:17


The sight of it is enough to make you not eat it. If going for a long ride I usually fuel up with porridge or pasta if later on. My commute is on an empty stomach as there's no time to fuel up at 4am.

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posted by giff77 [1068 posts]
16th August 2012 - 22:02

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Personally, I love quinoa; it's a good base for all kinds of flavour. Not sure about the 'disgusting' comments, alone it simply doesn't taste of much.

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posted by Philx [37 posts]
17th August 2012 - 10:02

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Cheers SimonE; have just spent a couple of interesting hours on this site(www.optimumnutrition4sport.com). Annoying that he seems to build up in 'Part 1' to a part 2 and then says he is unlikely to get round to part 2.... Have you found part 2?

posted by SideBurn [873 posts]
17th August 2012 - 13:23

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I think I might try some porridge with a bit fruit in to see if that makes it more interesting. I have been having it with honey for a while but it doesn't do much for me Yawn

posted by Marauder [246 posts]
17th August 2012 - 15:33

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Thanks for reminding me SideBurn, part II appears to have been uploaded to another website, not sure why Barry hasn't put it on his own:


Intermittent fasting is now getting attention, was even on BBC recently, discussed in this BBC article (link to the Horizon prog near the bottom):
Also some info from someone promoting a book about it at http://bradpilon.com/

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posted by Simon E [2075 posts]
17th August 2012 - 17:25


Cheers SimonE some great stuff. This is something that I do, because it makes sense, not because I read it somewhere; and found that it works. I found a reference to adaptation to fat burning in a book that someone lent me (Advanced Marathoning; Pete Pfitzinger) recently, but it does not really explain it. How did the idea that you should balance your food intake from fat,protein and carbs ever become revolutionary? Thanks again

posted by SideBurn [873 posts]
19th August 2012 - 14:38

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