Evening All,

Can anyone recommend good interval sessions to prepare for the purgatory that is cyclo cross.

The races around these parts are normally 45 or 50 mins plus a lap.



Raleigh [1667 posts] 5 years ago

Go fast.

Once you've done this.

Go faster.

Just do everything you normally do, but 10-20% faster/harder/higher intensity.

Like on a 50km ride, instead of just soft pedalling all the way round, HARD pedal.

Its very easy, and I'm sure I've done it too, to simply not go hard enough.

Its unlikely that by training slowly, you'll suddenly be able to go fast in a race.

Just do some hour efforts, maybe 3-4 times a week, at aerobic threshold, so like at 10 mile pace, interspersed with lots of sleep.

LOTS of sleep.

Go out at 6 in the morning on a weekend, warm up for 15 mins, do the hour effort, warm down for the same, get back at 8.15 and sleep through till lunch.



Simon E [3301 posts] 5 years ago

Intervals. Preferably offroad (helps get your bike handling practice done at the same time). A mix of short burst efforts with short breaks, which you could incorporate into a longer ride with steady stuff before & after.

As your condition improves make the breaks shorter or harder (so you get less of a 'rest'). You don't need to log big mileage, the intensity is more important, but don't overdo it by doing too much too soon.

And practice the technical stuff - dismounts, remounts, tight turns, running with the bike etc.