I am entered for the Haute Route 7 day cyclosportif that starts on 19th August in Geneva and finishes in Nice on the bank holiday weekend. Due to a knee injury I am selling my entry at its exact face value - 1850 euros (£1445) which is all hotel accomodation plus event entry etc (I have reserved the premium package)- I did this event last year and it is the best sportif on the planet. Check out the event website (Google Haute Route). Just to be clear, the only thing you would need would be your flights to get to the start and a bit of spare change for an evening meal (full details on the event website, but they give you breakfast and a hot meal at the end of every stage as well as having fully stocked feed stations).


theclaw [73 posts] 5 years ago

email me davidhoracelaw [at] hotmail.com for full details