All purpose frame?

by Seveso   August 6, 2012  

Hi There

I currently have many bikes and looking for a bike that could replace them all, ie, for commuting, centuries, light off road and light touring.
I can't decide between those 2 frames:

Surly cross check or All City Space Horse?

The surly has good reviews but I don't like the look of it.
The Space Horse looks great, but I can't find a single test report online.

Anyone has experience with one of these?

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or howabout a Salsa Vaya?

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posted by Fringe [1097 posts]
6th August 2012 - 10:40


i'll stick my oar in and suggest the jamis aurora too. we tested the elite version (disc-equipped) but the bar-end-shifty, canti-braked version looks a steal at £699

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7857 posts]
6th August 2012 - 10:41

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7857 posts]
6th August 2012 - 10:43


Other bikes to consider would be the Kinesis T2, Specialized TriCross, Condor Fratello, Kona Jake & Sutra.

Also have a look at Soma and Civia bikes.

I suspect the big differentiator would be the amount of off-road you plan to do, and how severe that is.

posted by thereandbackagain [159 posts]
6th August 2012 - 11:55

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7857 posts]
6th August 2012 - 11:59


Thanks for the suggestions. But these are more touring bike and I also want to avoid disk brakes and have as much possibilities with the frame as possible.
That's why I looked first at the Cross Check: I can be either single speed or geared, use MTB or road hardware, skinny or fat tires, etc. I hope to keep this bike for at least 15 years as a main bike (if not the only one).
I am going to build this with drop bars, 105 sti shifters, 105 bits and wheels with open pro rims. It's going to be my road bike, and I will also use it to commute, to pull my kids in their trailer, to go off road as well but just paths/gravel, stuff like that. And the occasional week of holidays on the bike with paniers.

So surly cross check or All City Space Horse?
Surly, Salsa and All City all belong to QBP, and I suspect they are made in Taiwan by the same company so I imagine I can expect the same quality.

Actualy, looking at the 2 bikes:

I think I will go for the Space Horse. I was just hoping to get the opinion of someone who tried it.

posted by Seveso [6 posts]
6th August 2012 - 19:55