I've been lurking here a little while now but haven't yet contributed. I hope noone minds my first post being a request for help.

For the last year or so I've been riding essentially a stock 2010 allez elite. This has served me well on short rides to start onto a half dozen du and tri athlons and more recently quite a few hilly 100km rides.

While looking for an everyday commuter i decided instead to demote the allez and replace it with a tarmac.

Id intended to buy one secondhand but instead I've bought an s-works sl3 frame which i now need to build up.

I've never really looked at components before beyond wheels so would appreciate suggestions for reasonably priced components that are worthy of the frame.

I already have Dur Ace 7900 c24 tubeless wheels which will be adorning the frame. And i intend to put an ultegra geoupset on it (or dura ace if work colleague comes through).

As for seat post saddle stem and bars i have no idea.

I intend to have my fit checked first on my allez before forking out a load of dough.


Super Domestique [1621 posts] 5 years ago

I have an Allez and Tarmac Expert (SL3) - as for the saddle the Romin is excellent imho.

Enjoy the new bike and welcome to the forum.

bart2906 [3 posts] 5 years ago

Nice frame!

I've been through a similar experience to you, I changed from a Roubaix Comp to a Tarmac SL2...

I bought the S-Work Pave seatpost, I love it because of how quick it is to adjust the saddle position. It has the Zertz inserts which is supposed to help with comfort.

I bought 3T Ergonova Team bars(and 3T Arx head stem). They are awesome, the egg shape is great for climbing. You don't have to go carbon on handlebars, in fact, a lot of the pros used aluminium bars in the Tour.

I also went with Ultegra. I think Ultegra is a great value compared to Dura-Ace. If you ride a lot, you'll need to replace parts of your drivetrain and Dura-Ace will cost a lot more in that regard. I considered SRAM, but as I already had some Ultegra parts coming off my old bike, I stuck with it. If you do go with Ultegra, remember most of it comes in two colours now, silver and gray(which looks more black than gray). It's worth remembering if you do need to order parts.

I might take some stick for this, but you will find yourself gravitating towards components that match your bike colour scheme. My frame is black, red and white...so you will notice the components listed above fit a similar theme!

Definitely get fitted on your new frame when you've built your bike. The different geometry of the Tarmac to your Allez will be noticeable. I needed a number of adjustments around the head stem and the spacers on the headset.


pinecooler [11 posts] 5 years ago

Thanks for the prompt replies.

A quick search shows many people waxing lyrical on the romin saddles so thats probably a safe bet, ive always found the stock one on my allez quite comfortable.

I thought the tarmac and allez were all but identical geometries, looking at sizing courtesy of evans there appears to be only milimetres in it.

I was going to get my fit checked on the allez which will let me know stems length angle etc then pick components from there ill then get checked out on tarmac.

Super Domestique [1621 posts] 5 years ago

The allez and tarmac only shared geometry from the 2011 model.

My allez is also a 2010 but the basic '16' version.

robert.brady [155 posts] 5 years ago

I think Zipp finishing kit looks nice on Tarmacs. Defo Dura Ace if you've got the wheels as well.

What colour is it?


pinecooler [11 posts] 5 years ago

Its red with white accents.

Im crossing my fingers for the dura ace but i cant afford it new.

Ill check out the zip kit


Raleigh [1667 posts] 5 years ago

Ergonova are good.

As are Arx.

Don't discard the Arione.

Or SRAM. (Force)

Or perhaps a Cervelo.


Roubaix bar tape is my new favourite.

trikeman [309 posts] 5 years ago

Hi, good luck with the Tarmac S-Works - they really are a great bike.
Don't forget the Toupe' saddle. Initially thier 'sparce' padding look do put some off, however on the Tarmac I have tried several saddles and yet to find one that is more comfortable. I am aware that bottoms are not all the same, but if you get the chance do try one for a good few miles and you will be surprised, they are really comfy and you forget it's there.
Ultegra kit, I have found over the years, is more than adequate for road use and as eluded to are more 'reasonable' to replace than Dura Ace,,,,,, says he that has just kitted out his S-Works with 7900. I can honestly say though I have just 'upgraded' mine from Ultegra to Dura ace I think it's just that I could do at the time but find my 'pull' towards Ultegra - just seems more 'workman' like and is very reliable. The 7900 only looks better if you are into looks. I suppose if you are at 'top end' racing there could be a benefit, but not too sure if the higher expense is really worth it 'in hindsight'.
Hope this helps.

Trikeman.  3