Just looking to get some advice really and any feedback from people who may have used traning videos.

I completed my first tour in May of this year. Loved every minute of it and couldn’t wait to get back on the bike. Cut a long story short, I have really damaged my left hamstring and my left hip isn’t working too well. I am seeing a specialist about this at the moment who has advised its OK to ride until im in a moderate amount of pain, he would prefer the turbo as I can get off at any point. If im in the middle of the countryside it could be harder to get home.

Anyway, I was using The Sufferfest turbo trainer DVD's to help get me ready for the event but I just came across 3LC videos. Has or does anyone use them? Are they any better?

The other question I had which has been much debated I'm sure is Turbo vs Rollers. Apart from coming back from injury, I also have two events planned for next year (in my head at least and as long as my hip and hamstring come on ok). For more endurance training I suppose rollers are better as you have to maintain your focus so you don’t fall off, but turbo trainers allow you to change the resistance.

Any advice on either?