cadance sensor stopped working

by road ronin   July 27, 2012  

The cadance sensor for my garmin 705 has stopped working the speed sensor is still working. i have changed the battery and reset the cadance sensor LED which flashes red and green as it should do when setting up, also i have tried pairing the head unit and sensor through the menu on the head unit.

i'm lost for ideas as anybody else suffered similar problem and does anyone know how or why the sensor has stopped working

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Thinking same happened to mine, garmin were no help, here's the solution I used

posted by 37monkey [144 posts]
27th July 2012 - 19:33


yes i faired as much thanks for the link 37monkey, if i did not like the 705 so much i would look at a new computer

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posted by road ronin [57 posts]
27th July 2012 - 19:59

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so when you get you go into test mode and get led to flash red and green, when you turn the cranks does the red led light up?

If yes then there is a problem with either the sensor or head unit, go find a mate with a garmin to find out which one.

If the red led does not light up as you turn the crank, then the magnet is not close enough to the sensor. Check the magnet is still there (I have lost a magnet and retain the plastic outer covering once), move the sensor closer to the magnet or replace the magnet with a more powerful one

posted by nickobec [261 posts]
28th July 2012 - 3:10


nickobec all the magnets all work fine LED lights when pedal or speed sensor passes the unit

i have now removed from the bike placed on a radiator and left the cover off i think it may have had some water ingress
once completely dry i will let all know if this has worked

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posted by road ronin [57 posts]
29th July 2012 - 17:57