What up. Since I'm not TTing any more this is surplus to requirements and taking up room. It's a 56cm Trek 1.5 frame converted to a singlespeed TTer: White Industries ENO rear hub and Velocity deep V rim, Deda bars with Ritchey extensions, Ultegra brakes with TRP levers, Giant carbon aero seatpost. 50/15 gearing but I also have a Dura Ace 55T dinner plate if you're strong... Needs a front wheel, natch, and a chain and saddle, but it's basically good to go. Suitable for a rider around or just over 6 feet.

Yours for a £150 donation to www.re-cycle.org - pick up from Bath. email me if you're interested.



finbar [128 posts] 5 years ago

Has this gone yet? Would you be willing to post?