Just got back from a ride where again my bum gave out before my legs. My saddle ( a Pro Turnix) is very comfortable up to around 3 hours of riding but then it slowly becomes unbearable. I've been 'auditioning' a couple of other saddles on my commuter including a Fizik pave but its not comfy to begin with let alone for longer rides.
Any saddle recommendations? - I don't mind spending big money but I don't want to make a costly mistake (and I'd prefer something light).
Also wondering if I should stick with the turnix and upgrade my shorts - currently I have a pair of Shutts.


Raleigh [1667 posts] 5 years ago

Yeah man, upgrade shorts.

I just got some new ones this morning, and normally my Arione gets a bit hurty after about 2 and a half hours, but I rode for almost four today and it was plusher than plush.

I looked at my old shorts, and the padding was about half as thick, probably due to them being 18 months old, maybe they were just thin.


Drop your saddle 5mm and tilt your bars 3˚

musicalmarc [107 posts] 5 years ago

I just bought a Specialized Toupe. Went into the pop up store in Covent Garden and had my sit bones measured. Was on the cross between the small and medium width saddles, plumped for the medium. It's as comfy as my brooks B17 was for the 10 miles I ride home. It's light and I can feel the difference the cutout makes, without wanting to be too crass, the crown jewels feel like they are swinging in the wind rather than bunched up. Is more comfy than the brooks when in the drops due to the drop off of the nose. I don't yet know how it will hold up over longer rides but it certainly feels like it is supporting me properly, it was strangely springy. I got the one with the TI rails. I don't expect t to last anywhere near as long as the brooks, which looks like it will outlive me.

Specialized have a decent try out system too, if I don't like the saddle in the first 30 days I can take it back and try another size\ type. I couldn't be arced with ordering on line and then having to post the saddle back if it didn't work for me.

trikeman [309 posts] 5 years ago

I've had my Toupe's for donkey's years now and as good now as they were when bought. As long as they don't get damaged (scuffs to the cover by walling) they should go on for ages.
On my commuter I now use the Selle Italia XO and really comfortable, feels the same 'sort' of saddle as the toupe - channel, bends etc but with way more padding - they are only £20 a pop and I thought I'd take the chance - it's been great since. Naturally heavier than the toupes' but used on my hybrid works really well.
Hope it helps.

Trikeman.  3

TheHatter [770 posts] 5 years ago

Cheers for the advice. The shorts aren't that old though I may try some of those top of the range DHB's ones.
The Toupe does seem to be liked by a lot of people and given what you said about the exchange policy I may get down the lbs as its a Spesh dealer.