The Times claim to fame

by FATBEGGARONABIKE   July 23, 2012  

Just received an E-mail from the times the opening line of which is "How far cycling has come since we started the cities fit for cycling campaign less than six months ago." it then goes on to point out a parliamentery commitee called for the gov to use its (the papers)eight point manifesto to make cycling safer, TfL is going to improve 50 dangerous junctions and £15 million in funding is to be used to improve junctions outside london and pride of place goes to bradley Wiggins winning the tour.
And there was me thinking that the sky team helped him win not some newspaper.

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Sky and The Times... Both owned by the same bloke

posted by Stubat [12 posts]
23rd July 2012 - 20:19


Didn't you know, Wiggins only started cycling 6 months ago after picking up a copy of the Times...

It's depressing the the Times has the cheek to claim the credit for all the improvements over the last few months when actually its the reward for all the effort thousands of people have put in over the past few years/decades. The Times may have helped but really all they're doing is riding the wave that already had plenty of momentum before they got involved.

posted by drheaton [3429 posts]
23rd July 2012 - 20:52

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