Hi Everybody,
I know this site is called 'road.cc' and it's the first time I have used this forum for info but to cut a long story short:- as a long term restoration project I bought a steel framed lugged Bianchi Beaver mountain bike off a well known internet auction site for not a lot of money and I can't seem to find any info on the internet about it. The frame is obviously lugged steel made with 'ORIA' 'VANADIUM' oversize tubing according to the decal, it has mounts for cantilever / V brakes (pre-disc!) but has vertical drop outs with a non-detachable mech hanger at the rear instead of the old horizontal ones on a lot of older bikes. Does anybody have any details / information on this bike please ?


ped [297 posts] 5 years ago

I'd try asking and/or searching the retrobike forum. A cursory glance there shows a couple of other Bianchi MTBs, so you never know …