Catching Bike Thieves

by Rvizzle   July 17, 2012  

Saw the below linked article about a site that has launched in Spain to help alert locals of bike thieves in their community and hopefully help track their wheels down.

Would love to see something similar here. Maybe there is but I don't know about it. Wish I'd know when my Bianchi was nicked if that's the case.

Hopefully there's some developers amongst the clan who are able to get the wheels in motion!


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I don't have any links for websites for bike thieves but here is a link to help you be re-united with your stolen bikes if they are stolen

posted by Marauder [239 posts]
17th July 2012 - 17:48


Bike Shepherd and My bike are online sites that let you post details of your bike for bike registration and notification of theft.

I don't know how uesful or effective they are but seems better than nothing.

posted by paulfg42 [375 posts]
17th July 2012 - 20:52