Brevet with 3500 m of climbing. Do more climbs or train in flats to lose weight?

by kupepe   July 17, 2012  


I am a relatively new rider who aimed until now to do long rides of 100-120 km 2-3 times a week. Thankfull I live by the shore so my training was almost completely flat.

I am 1.92 with 92 kilos and I intend to do a 200km brevet with 3500m of climbs. This will be my second brevet. The first was a rather flat 200km one.

My question is that I have 2 months to train. I discovered that I love climbs and I do one climbing session a week now. However what would be the most efficient way to conquer the 3500m climbs in 2 months? Should I do more flats so I lose 4-5 kilos and have it easier to climb or do more climbs? In my climbs at my current physical I am always over 75% of heart rate. I am getting stronger but still I am far from fat burning zone. In 2 months what is the most efficient path to follow ... or climb?

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Climb, climb and climb some more. Your muscles will need to adapt (especially your core muscles) and your technique will improve. One thing you can't replicate on flat rides is the tolerance of and recover from climbing. With 3500m, you'll need your heart rate to recover fast.

Weight loss will be better achieved through this sort of training coupled with tweaks in your diet rather than just spinning away all day in Zone 3. Working out a nutritional strategy for the day will also help you and the only way to work out what works for you is to trial things in advance. It has been said that training before breakfast can accelerate weight loss too.


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Try Angels from the sufferfest it's certainly helped my climbing ability. I'm now getting top ten places on local climbs via Strava

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thanx all

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18th July 2012 - 11:03