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Cyclists who stray into the Games Lanes will face a fixed penalty of £130 and their bike will be impounded if they are unable to pay.

Full details of Olympic route network tfl.co.uk

The Games Lane will be in operation from 6am – 12 midnight

Cyclists are banned from the following 44 Games Lanes:
Marylebone Road (all), A41 Park Road (part), Gloucester Place (between Salisbury Place Seymour Street), Baker Street, A4 from Heathrow to Hyde Park corner, Cumberland Gate, Park Lane (North), Victoria Embankment, Vauxhall Bridge Road, Millbank (south), Upper Thames Street, Tower Hill, Lower Thames Street, A301 Kingsway, Arundel Street, North Circular Road A406, South Way, Great Central Way, Euston Road, Woburn Place, Russell Square, Southampton Row, Kingsway, Western Avenue, Shooters Hill Road, Millennium Way, Great Eastern Road, High Street (Bow), A12 (Bow roundabout), A40 Western Avenue, Talgarth Road, Great West Road, Talgarth Road, West Cromwell Road, Cedars Road, East India Dock Road, A4 Hogarth Lane, Great West Road, East Smithfield, The Highway, Battersea Park Road, York Road, A40 Westway (all)

Cyclists are entitled to use the following 9 Games Lanes:
Park Lane (south), Spur Road, Millbank (North), Upper Woburn place, Great Eastern Road, St Margaret Street, Wandsworth High Street, Nine Elms Lane, Gloucester Place (between (Rossmore Road & Salisbury Place)


Bob's bikes [870 posts] 5 years ago

I wonder if anybody out there is considering a critical mass style demo to block one of these routes (apart from the games lane) or even all of them on a rotating day to day basis. I can't be the only person out there that is bewildered by the games claim of being the greenest/socially responsible etc etc.

Grumpyoldbiker [16 posts] 5 years ago

Oh Dear
We better stop those nasty lycra clad cyclists straying into the olympic lanes. Everyone knows it is cyclists who are the biggest risk to the failure of the London Games.
It isn't the fact that LOCOG made the biggest cock up in allocating tickets ever, depriving everyone I know in London of a chance to see the games, or the failure to select a competent security contractor, or the failure to monitor G4S adequately.
Great to see LOCOG have got their eyes on the big risks. Perhaps if they close another 100 metres of towpath we can all rest safe and sound knowing they are putting their resources where it matters and that no other big risks have been ignored or overlooked ...... ?