Lightweight packable roadie waterproof

by couldgetacarforthat   July 10, 2012  

Tried this on at Evans

About to splash £130 and then zip gave way. Could have been too snug a fit but couldn't take risk.

Anyone got good experiences?

I'm not really a wet weather roadie. If it rains I mtb so looking for high quality jacket that I can take with me for emergencies.

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the cut on some Gore jackets can be very 'racer' tight so if you're carrying a few extra pounds or even too much stuff in your rear pockets they can be tricky to zip-up

that jacket's really more water-resistant than waterproof and designed more of a breathable windproof, although it will keep drizzle off for a couple of hours, and it does pack down small and light

posted by VecchioJo [800 posts]
10th July 2012 - 23:44

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10th July 2012 - 23:44


both the Castelli and Mavic jackets are similarly 'racer' cut to the Gore, although not quite as extreme, designed to be snug and not flappy in the wind which you might find tricky fitting over winter gear, not tried the Altura but as a brand they tend to be more generously cut

have a look at Montane, they do a good range of lightweight pocketable wind/waterproofs that will fit over lots of clothes

posted by VecchioJo [800 posts]
11th July 2012 - 9:18


Vecchiojo; you beat me to it! Montane do a great lightweight pocket jacket; have had mine for 2 to 3 years. Well used for running and cycling still servicable and a lot less than £130!

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11th July 2012 - 11:16


I'm a big fan of the Montane Featherlite Velo. I've had mine for 3 years and it's been so good. Packs really small into a pocket, comfortable fit and doesn't cost a great deal.

I'd definitely buy another if this one were to somehow fail.

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11th July 2012 - 11:54


I've got one of the Gore oxygen jackets and the zip has been fine. As mentioned its a very racey fit, cut very high at the front and very low at the back. Does the job well though as its gore-tex. The quality is equal to the price and it just about packs into a rear pocket.

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11th July 2012 - 13:10


I have one of these. Packs down small enough to fit into a jersey pocket, and Warterproof enough for some pretty bad weather. The fit isn't baggy but its not skintight.

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11th July 2012 - 13:27


dhb Minima packs very small and is waterproof. It doesn't breathe but will bail you out perfectly in an emergency. I commute 17 miles each way and it's perfect for me.

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11th July 2012 - 13:35


+1 for montane. You'd probably want to couple it with a ls jersey or arm warmes though, as they stop the sweat sticking it to you.

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12th July 2012 - 19:33


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12th July 2012 - 22:54


In the end I bought this for a great discount at a LBS (not Evans). Initially a bit nervous about Polaris but its difficult to criticise something that is clearly good quality.

Probably a tad bulkier than the Montane but still stuffs down small and full of features. I am happy with it but will put it to the test...hopefully for a few years to come.

Couldn't find a Montane dealer stocking featherlite velo in a large . I suppose that is a good sign that it is a high demand product.

Thanks for comments..

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14th July 2012 - 0:11