Heh all

Ok, I've started buying some bits n bobs for a Winter build (winter for those of you unaccustomed to it, is merely an extension of what we have right now ..)  1

Anyway, I'm looking to build something with a Tiagra Rear Mech, the one that handles upto 30 teeth and my questions are :

1. Do I need the specific matched shifters or will any Shimano 10spd shifters work?

2. Do I need the matched front mech or will any 10 spd mech work?

Thats it really, just tring to build something relatively cheaply so maybe able to dig into the spares box/ Ebay dependent on your advice ..



dave atkinson [6371 posts] 5 years ago

1) no. cable pull is the same on all shimano 10spd shifters
2) no. in theory you have to be a bit careful as some newer double chainsets and double shifters have a 1mm wider gap between the chainrings. in practice, it probably won't make much difference.