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Line of Sight is the inside story of underground bicycle racing around the word. Through the lens of his helmet cameras viewers are transported into the wild and dangerous world of Alleycat racing: where high speeds, traffic, and pedestrians combine with riders hell-bent on victory at any cost. Lucas keeps pace with some of the best urban riders in the world in their natural element, including Shino, Ted Shred, Chas, Jumbo, Kevin Porter, Felipe “The King”, Austin Horse, Crihs, and Alfred Bobe Jr.
More than just a montage of vehicle-dodging, fast paced action, Line of Sight also gives the viewers an insight into the community of bicycle messengers who run and participate in these underground races. Director Benny Zenga turns the cameras back on Lucas, his compatriots, and on the incredible cities where they run wild on the streets. The end result? A world tour of the urban jungles of New York to the actual jungles of Guatemala, from the narrow maze of London streets to the Great Wall of China.

I was sent a message by a friend and told to check this video out, then I looked at the site.

Looks like an interesting film, but I'm not gonna fork out $20 just based on that trailer  19

This "trailer" from 2010 looks better



SideBurn [890 posts] 5 years ago

Some impressive bike handling skills; but the comments to the videos say it all. PLEASE don't come to a city near me! Thanks Gkam