Hi All,

So I'm taking my bike apart to clean it this afternoon and had a quick glance at my tyre side walls. Near to the braking surface there seem to be quite a lot of exposed threads and radial tracks in the rubber... (my best guess is from misaligned brake pads or things caught on the brake pads in the recent bad weather)

My question is this. Am I right in thinking I'm gonna need to be shelling out for new tyres? (They're probably nearing the end of their life anyhow, done a few thousand k over bad roads) And do people think it will it be okay to ride them in this state while I'm waiting for new ones to arrive? (I know its hard to say without seeing them but if anyone has experience of similar, advice would be appreciated  1 )

Thanks in Advance!


Simon E [3300 posts] 5 years ago

Exposed threads? Yep, they're fit for the bin. And make sure you sort your brake pads.

But I guess you could ride on them if you really have to, as riding on bare rims isn't fun.